Recommended Guidelines for Children and Families

Today’s blog is a continuation of the Reopening ECIs – Protocols for Children and Families blog post which was published last week. This article outlines the recommended guidelines for children and families as they are outlined in the Reopening Early Childhood Institutions For Children Ages 0-5 Specific Protocols document.

Recommended Guidelines for Children and Families

  • Children who are 3-5 years of age should not wear masks. It is not practical.
  • ECIs may recommend to the parents of children who are over five (5) years old that their child wear a cloth mask and provide information on when masks can be removed.
  • Parents are to equip their children with personal wipes and sanitizers and educate them on how to use these items.
  • Parents should avoid bringing non-essential items from home to reduce cross contamination.
  • Parents should bring a change of shoes for their child to wear indoors. Shoes that are worn to the school should, upon arrival be bagged and stored for outdoor use only.
  • The same parent/guardian should do drop offs and pick-ups daily, if possible.
  • ECIs should stagger arrival and drop off times so that contact between parents is limited.
  • Parents should not enter the school building.
  • Teachers should receive children outside of the school building.
  • Parents should be physically distant in a line in a space designated by the school, outside of the building, to collect their children.
  • Parents should pack extra clothing in case of soiling.
  • After-care children, that is, children from other schools who attend day-care after basic or pre-school should be separated from the main groups.
  • Equipment that is required for children’s day to day use (e.g. mobility or feeding devices, weighted blankets, headphones) should be cleaned and disinfected at drop off and pick up, and should not be used by anyone other than the designated child.

We continue to encourage the public get regular updates from the MOHW at and from the ECC at for relevant information on ECD, including the full Reopening Early Childhood Institutions for Children Ages 0-5 Specific Protocols document.




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