Moving Beyond the Problems: Finding the Solutions

It is always easy to highlight the problems we currently face in the education system, but we have made strides in moving beyond the problems to find solutions. Teachers are no longer bounded by a physical space when it comes to teaching and learning. The learning environment is no longer limited to a parish or even Jamaica, and this is nothing to fear but rather an era to explore.

Many educators would never have imagined facilitating children virtually, but it is now happening. Some might have truly believed they were incapable, but that just emphasizes the I CAN in the word Jamaican. As Jamaicans, we are resilient and we continue to defy the odds.

So, do not be surprised when you hear an Early Childhood Teacher will meet their students via WhatsApp, Zoom or Google. Do not be surprised when you hear that work is being dropped off early mornings or late afternoons for students- No child will be left behind are the lyrics we embrace with harmony and melody.

Let’s all partner with a school today and be a spark that ignites the torch of HOPE for tomorrow’s leaders.

Guest Blogger – Sophia Stewart, Development Officer

One comment

  1. Sandra Young · November 11

    It’s heartning that our parents are embracing the new norm of online learning. In fact many have expressed that they themselves are learning too. Thanks to the ECC for the support


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