Reopening ECIs – Activities

This blog post follows the series on reopening ECIs safely during the COVID-19 outbreak. The information outlined in this post is taken directly from the Reopening Early Childhood Institutions For Children Ages 0-5 Specific Protocols document which can be found on the ECC’s website.

Protocols for Activities at Early Childhood Institutions to Keep Children Safe:

  • For gate/entrance pick-up and drop-off of children
  • 1-2 employees should operate child pick-up and drop-off by escorting all children to and from their classroom
  • ECIs should limit parent and visitor entry into the facility
  • Children should be observed for signs or symptoms of illness, such as cough, sore throat, flushed cheeks fatigue or extreme fussiness.
  • Temperature should be taken of ill children and they should be isolated immediately until parents can collect the child.
  • Records and logs of the child’s temperature and symptoms taken each day
  • Children should be frequently supervised while sanitising and/or washing their hands throughout the day
  • ECIs should have fun and engaging daily hygiene lessons to teach children:
    • how to wash their hands properly for 20 seconds
    • how to use sanitizer
    • how to cough or sneeze into their elbow or into a tissue which is discarded into a closed bin
    • how to wash their hands and/or sanitise immediately after coughing or sneezing;
    • how to avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose
    • how to avoid touching other children and their belongings
  • ECIs should eliminate center-wide family events and field trips
  • Children must not be allowed to share toys they can put in their mouth, as required by ECC
  • standards
  • Personal toys that are mouthed should be taken home daily for cleaning
  • Toys that are accidentally mouthed must be washed and disinfected, as required by ECC standards
  • ECIs should remove toys that cannot be sanitized, example, stuffed animals, fabric toys, cardboard puzzles etc.
  • ECIs should discard sensory play items, such as cornmeal and water, after single use.
  • ECIs should temporarily eliminate the use of play dough and sand pits
  • ECIs should eliminate high contact sports or activities such as hand games
  • Each group of children should have designated equipment (e.g., balls, loose equipment) or equipment should be cleaned and sanitised between group use.


  1. Mahle Williams · 5 Days Ago

    This is very informative and so I’m well prepared for the reopening of school


  2. The ECC Blog Spot · 11 Hours Ago

    Thank you and continue to do great things for our children. We have more information to come!


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