Reopening ECIs – Keeping Children Safe in the Classroom

As a continuation from last week’s blog, this article outlines further protocols for activities at ECIs based on the Reopening Early Childhood Institutions For Children Ages 0-5 Specific Protocols document which can be found on the ECC’s website.

Protocols for Keeping Children Safe

  • ECIs should thoroughly clean and sanitize shelves, storage boxes, chairs, desks, toys, door knobs, stationery, potty, and any high-touch/easily accessible items/areas etc. at least twice a day.
  • All bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day, multiple times throughout the day
  • Mats should be cleaned and sanitised after each use
  • High-touch areas on swing sets, monkey bars, see-saws, play houses, etc. should be cleaned daily
  • Cleaning products should not be used near children, and staff should ensure that there is adequate ventilation when using these products to prevent children from inhaling toxic fumes
  • Cleaning products should be safely stored away from children’s access, as required by ECC Standards
  • Children’s clothes should be changed if they become soiled and hands should be washed immediately after. Soiled clothes should be placed in a plastic bag and washed as soon as possible
  • Workers to supervise and hold bottles for infants who are not yet able to hold their own bottle to reduce the risk of choking.
  • ECI workers should use blankets or cloths over clothing when holding infants and toddlers and they should change the blankets or cloths used between children.
  • Children must not share food, feeding utensils, soothers, bottles, sippy cups, etc. These items should be labeled with the child’s name to discourage accidental sharing.

We continue to encourage the public to visit the MoHW website and the ECC website for more information.

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