COVID-19 ECD Impact Survey


A total of 3,003 parents responded to the questionnaire, 93.6% were females. Majority of the parents aged ranged from 30-39 and 40.2% ranged from 21-29.

The findings revealed that 97.8% of parents had children between the ages of 0-8 years old. Majority of parents 94.2% indicated that their child received educational activities from their ECI. 95.4% revealed that WhatsApp was the primary medium used for communication between parents and teachers. Seventeen percent indicated that their child’s teacher communicated via zoom and 6% indicated that they were referred to the ECC website for activities.

Majority of parents 52.6% indicated that they only had internet access via their cell phones. 52% indicated that they had limited data access to use the internet. 78.4% found the current method of communication to be effective to their child’s progress.

53.7% parents indicated that they are very satisfied with the method of communication used by the child’s ECI.

June 2020

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