COVID-19 ECD Impact Survey

Responses from Practitioners

A total of 1,135 practitioners responded to the questionnaire, 97.7% were females. Majority of the practitioners (31.7%) age ranged from 30-39, 29.8% ranged from 40-49, 18.8% ranged from 5059 and 13.7% ranged from 21-29 years. 

The data revealed that majority of practitioners (47.5%) were trained at the vocational level, 25.6% were trained at the Bachelors level, while 20.4% indicated that they had a Diploma in Education.  

97.5% practitioners revealed that they were providing remote curriculum instructions from students, this is in comparison to 95.2% of principals who indicated that their ECIs’ provided remote curriculum instructions for parents and children. The data also revealed that most practitioners (95.2%) uses WhatsApp as the primary medium for communicating with parents. 16.4% indicated that they used Zoom and 18.8 % indicated that they used the ECC Website.  

The findings also revealed that, 74.5 % practitioners compared to 72.3% of principals indicated that learning instructions is sent to parents on a daily, while 7.1% indicated instructions were sent once per week, 7.7% every other day and 6.8% twice per week.

Based on the interactions with children on an online platform 83.3% practitioners indicated that students are making progress, some practitioners however expressed concerns about parents completing assignments for children.  

Majority of practitioners 81.3% indicated that they have the technical skills to integrate digital services in curriculum instructions. However, 19%   indicated that they did not have the technical skills to integrate digital services in curriculum instructions and would require additional training in Information Communication Technology (ICT), for example, Zoom, Google Classroom and Microsoft Office.

92.7% practitioners were aware of the Activity Plans posted on the ECC Website. However,

84.8% indicated that they shared the activity plans posted on the ECC Website with parents. 

49.8% of practitioners indicated that they only had internet access on their cell phones, 46.2% revealed that they had unlimited broadband access and 2% had no internet access. 


  1. Suzzette Warren-Brown · December 11

    I am currently not working because the distance in travelling to work and I have to keep in mind that I have a 18 months old also a eight years old. I am however seeking a job for next term. Base on my observations in my community in walks road Spanish Town most children along with teachers like myself are having little to no internet connection or minor data access.

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  2. The ECC Blog Spot · December 24

    The ECC has been on TVJ and and PBCJ Monday to Friday from 7:30-8:30 with appropriate early childhood content. I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy the fun activities with your 18 month old. All the best for finding a job for the new year!


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