Christmas Wish List

Before the new year approaches, we find ourselves celebrating Christmas Day. My toes curl and my heart in leaping. It is hard to explain, but the song writer was correct: “It is the most wonderful time of the year.” We have been through so much this year but we are still standing strong and we must be thankful. The best way to show how thankful I am, is to add you to my Christmas List.

  • For the children, I wish for you hope and a spirit of resilience and determination to keep pressing on. Always remember a brighter future for this nation begins with you.
  • For the Early Childhood Teachers, Practitioners and Caregivers who defied the odds and embraced the Virtual Learning platform, I wish for you strength, creativity and patience.
  • For our country Jamaica, my wish is the same as yours, I wish for a safe country.
  • For those who lost a love one during the COVID-19 pandemic, I wish for you peace and comfort. 

Try to make the most of what you have this Christmas season. Please return the favour by adding someone else to your wish list. It is by far better to give than to receive.

Guest Blogger: Sophia Stewart, Development Officer


One comment

  1. Andrea showers · December 26

    Blessings to you all


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